Something is wrong in Edge – and the nations of the world can no longer sit idly by.

The island nation-state of Edge has long been a very closed society, but there was always some level of trade of magical goods. In fact, most of the world's supply of magical goods and research came from Edge, where the secretive mages had mastered techniques the rest of the world could only envy.

But 10 years ago, all that stopped, and Edge went silent. Traders and ambassadors based out of Edge dissapeared etnirely. At first, most people were content to remain ignorant of the fate of Edge, but in the last few years, the fabric of nature and reality has begun to unravel. Natural disasters and unnatural beasts began to appear all over the world, and it has been determined the origin is Edge.

Now, the nations of the world have begun to send expedition forces to the closed island country, to discover its fate and to look for a way to stop the chaos. However, there are those that believe that Edge holds the key to ultimate power and wealth. Bandits and pirates have converged on Edge with the intent of making it their own.

Most expeditions sent to Edge are never heard from again, and those that are tell fractured, confusing tales. Will you meet the same fate? Find out, and attempt to unravel the mystery of World's Edge.


Player Character Notes, Restrictions and Changes

Character Creation

All PCs start at level 2. 

All PCs are human. You can pick from most of the races in the PH1 or 2 (see race list below), and use the stats of any of them, but your character looks and acts human. You can pick any class from PH 1, 2, and 3. See below for notes on magic-using classes.

You must come up with a short history of your character, centering around why they chose to join an army vessel on its way to Edge. They could be a drafted or volunteer soldier, mercenary, stow away, treasure seeker, etc. Any option you choose, you will start allied with the other PCs.


Deva: Not allowed


Humans with a trace of dragon blood. Dragonborn are exceedingly rare and look exactly like humans save for unusual hair and eye coloring, as well as skin that is slightly tougher to the touch. Generally they masquerade as humans by using hair dye and hiding their dragon's breath ability.


Human variant. Stocky, short mountain folk. Their propotions are similar to the standard D&D dwarf, but not quite as exaggerated. Beards are common on men, but not required. Famous soldiers and traders.


Human nobles that have magic energy from Edge artifacts bonded with them at birth to allow them the fey step ability. Generally slender and tall. Some are cast out from high society or wish for a life of adventure, and become soldiers or mercenaries.


Human variant. Forest tribals. Tall and slender. Many venture from the forest to become soldiers or mercenaries.

Gnome: Not allowed 


Elite human soldiers embued with magical energy from Edge artifacts to give them the Stone's Endurance ability. Muscular, with no body hair, and ashen, hard skin.


Human variant. Tribal folk from the plains. Dark-skinned and muscular. Famous mercenaries.


Human variant. Generally street urchins or tribals.

Halfling: Not allowed


The standard human.

Shifter: Not allowed


Humans with a trace amount of demon blood. Can easily pass as normal humans, although their eyes are always red and hair is always black.

No races from PH3 or other supplements allowed.


All classes from PH1, 2, and 3 are allowed, but classes that use magic need special explanation. Magic is exceedingly rare outside of Edge and very few have access to spellbooks or artifacts. However, recent events have caused some people to begin exhibiting innate magical powers, which are amplified upon arrival at Edge. Divine classes may choose to worship a god or believe their power comes from that god, but it is not required. You may still pick a magical class, but you should come up with an explanation for your powers (if not, the DM will provide one).

World's Edge